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My name is Jure and this is the story of Chicatella.

You’re probably wondering who I am and what some random guy has to do with a bestselling moisturizer for dry and atopic skin.

Well, let me first introduce myself and tell you how I created a moisturizer that helped me, my friends and now also many others deal with atopic dermatitis.

My sensitive youth

I remember having a whole list of skin issues as a small child. My skin quickly got irritated, dried out, itchy and painful to the touch. 

The most severe reaction I experienced was when I applied sunscreen, went for a swim and then played in the sun. I wasn’t just sunburnt, I was burnt to a crisp and my dry rashes made me look like a badly painted chameleon. 

The doctor concluded that I had a sun allergy, so my mother began the quest of hiding me from the sun at all costs. 

So spending time at the seaside became a never-ending story of hat wearing and wrapping myself in a bathrobe, while my peers ran around in the sun, white as snow, covered in zinc oxide. 

A little bit of wind, a little bit of cold, a little bit of sun or a little bit of nothing at all – my skin started to crack. 

Acne vs. confidence

Just as I got used to living with my dermal difficulties, my face became the world’s worst pizza. 

My new pizza face made me feel like the worst possible boyfriend choice, so I began to cover my raging acne with foundation. 

What some might find emasculating gave me a boost of confidence. 

And not just that! It made it possible for me to launch a career completely outside my field of expertise, after attending the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana. 

My career path

My interest in dermatology and psychology was the main reason I became a make-up artist as a 20-year-old student.

My passion then took me to London, where I spent my professional time as lead make-up artist for Yves Saint Laurent and took part in the development of world renowned cosmetic products.

I started visiting the makeup laboratory of one of the biggest cosmetic companies on a weekly basis, and so I quickly came to understand the mechanics of how skin works.

My makeup channel

Once I understood the mechanics of the largest organ of the human body, my career began to flourish, as I knew exactly how to tackle people’s long-term cosmetic issues.

For the next few years I made my living by making educational makeup and skincare content on my website AdviseMyStyle.

Now I only make content in my free time, as something unexpected changed my professional course.

My atopic skin

During my work as a professional make-up artist for luxury brands across the globe, I started facing a new dermal difficulty in the winter.

The skin on my hands would become so dry and inflamed that it would crack and bleed. It became visibly red and scaly.

On several occasions the way my hands looked scared my clients, which is why I resorted to doing make-up in white cotton gloves during winter.

But that wasn’t even the worst part – my skin would break out in hives and rashes and nothing on Earth could help me escape this wintery hell.

The overwhelming feeling that I was trapped in a vicious cycle seemed to never end.

Victory over atopic dermatitis

One day I misplaced my cotton gloves, so I covered my skin with a foundation we had developed in the L’Oreal laboratory.

The occlusive formulation of the foundation retained moisture in the skin, and I noticed that my skin could breathe as well.

After a couple of uses, my atopic dermatitis was, to my surprise, practically gone.

The creation of Chicatella

Occlusive active ingredients seem great, but there is one problem.

Most occlusive products, especially the more affordable ones, dry out your skin in the long run, which is the worst possible solution for atopic dermatitis.

This realization inspired me to make my very own moisturizer.

It took three years to develop a stable moisturizer formula from natural ingredients – and none of it would have happened without a little help from my friend who owns a luxury cosmetic brand and her team of expert scientists.

And so we created an occlusive formula, which doesn’t dry out your skin.

Chicatella's beginnings


I first gave Chicatella to my friends – and they loved it! As soon as they used their first jar, they wanted another. 

Then I started getting calls from friends of my friends and soon after from people I didn’t know. 

Everyone wanted to get Chicatella, a moisturizer that I created for myself, for themselves. 

And so I came to realize that we have developed something that could change many people’s lives, so I decided to open an online shop and help people one jar at a time. 

It’s funny looking back now and remembering the times before we had a warehouse when there were parcels lying around in every nook and cranny of our homes.

(The first Chicatellas ready for takeoff!👇 )

Chicatella grows up

All my colleagues advised against selling a product online, for which the manufacturing cost is high and the selling price is low – apparently, that’s not a good idea.

Chicatella is made from the purest, credibly certified ingredients, for which the purchase price doesn’t drop with bigger quantities. 

(Packing Chicatella parcels at home …👇)

This essentially means that with every new client and every sold moisturizer we lose money instead of making it.

But most people order a second jar and a third jar… and eventually, in the long run, we start covering our production costs.

Many potential clients ask us why we don’t sell Chicatella in retail stores; the truth is our margin is so low that we can’t afford to do that. 

Of course we could raise the price, but that would make Chicatella less universal and accessible, which goes against our main goal of making it available for everyone. 

The story of Chicatella isn’t just our story, but the story of every single life it touches.

Our community

The Chicatella team consists of a few people, but we would like for you to join us too! 

Help us write the story by helping us decide what kind of packaging to choose and what kind of products to make in the future. 

The formula is our best feature, so there is still a lot of potential hidden in there. Join our team and help us continue the story by signing up for our newsletter. 

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Oh, and one last thing! We acknowledge that people want bigger jars, but the current packaging is the best we can do price-wise. 

Still, we’re trying our very best to create biodegradable packaging as soon as possible.

That’s something we can talk about, if you decide to sign up for the newsletter. 

Thank you for your trust and until next time, Jure.

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Take care of yourself and your loved ones with a natural guardian of dry and atopic skin.


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